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Enclosed trailers or cargo trailers are one of the most useful purchases that you can make, whether you use them for residential, commercial, or industrial contractor use.

Most enclosed or race trailers come with either wood or aluminum floors. Both of these floorings require regular upkeep to prevent rotting of the wood or corroding and damage to the aluminum. It also requires you to be more careful with the cargo or equipment you place in your trailer.

If you own a race car trailer, your trailer floor is prone to oil stains from the race cars. If you using it to tow sports equipment like kayaks or camping gear, the trailer flooring is prone to water damage, mud stains, and camping gear spills, all of these making your floor much harder to clean and maintain.

Benefits Of Trailer Epoxy Flooring

Are you looking for a very cost-effective flooring option that is not going to interrupt your daily business tasks? Concrete polishing is a one-time process that offers zero

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Epoxy flake flooring will not only protect the base flooring but will also maintain its flexibility. Epoxy flake flexibility is great for impact absorption, crack bridging, and application on substrates with high vibrations such as trailers. It will not only withstand heavy cargo loads and but also uneven roads without the risk of cracking.

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Liquids like oils, chemicals, and water will not soak through it, leaving nasty stains on your floor. This makes it easy to clean and maintain. Stains are easily wiped by using just a mop and water or mild detergent. No more unloading your expensive race cars from a stained and ugly-looking trailer.

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Because epoxy flooring is impermeable to moisture, it lowers the chance of slip and fall incidents. By adding a slip-resistant additive to the epoxy minimizes the risk of slip injuries while un/loading cargo or race cars and the movement of unsecured cargo while on the road.

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Epoxy flake is a lot more durable and long-lasting than wood or aluminum flooring.

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Comes in a variety of colors and flake blends. Personalize it with your race team or brand colors. If you are a race team or a business owner, why not incorporate your logo into your trailer floor for some extra pride.

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Chemical Resistant

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Epoxy floors are resistant to a wide range of substances, including certain solvents and acids.

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