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Supermarket Polished Concrete Atlanta Georgia

Polished Concrete Floors Atlanta

Atlanta's Finest Polished Concrete Floors! Polished concrete is quickly gaining popularity as a preferred flooring solution in residential, commercial and industrial settings. We can polish any existing concrete slab by mechanically grinding and honing the concrete and then polishing it using diamond discs to cut the surface of the floor. Refined cuts are used to get the desired amount of shine and stone exposure.

Polished concrete Atlanta is a leading floor choice providing an abundance of benefits. It is ideal for use in restaurants, hospitals, warehouses, retail shops and family homes. Long lasting, low maintenance and looks amazing.

Benefits Of Polished Concrete Flooring

Eco Friendly

Because the structural slab serves as the finish, no additional materials are being used to cover the floor.


Polished concrete's durability, paired with its long life cycle, makes it one of the most cost-effective flooring options available.

Low Maintenance

Polished concrete is easy to clean and does not need stripping and waxing like other retail floor solutions.

Highly Durable

Because there is no topical coating on the surface, true polished concrete does not tear or scuff, and it can withstand heavy traffic and abuse.


The reflective surface illuminates the space and reduces the need for artificial lighting.

Sealed Concrete

Once the final polish is done we apply a penetrating sealer to stop liquids and solids from getting into the concrete.

Industrial Polished Concrete Atlanta

Are you looking for a cost-effective flooring option that is not going to interrupt your daily business tasks? Concrete polishing is a one-time process that offers zero downtime for installation. In addition, it requires little to no maintenance or renewal and is immune to moisture and vapor-related issues, making it ideal for Atlanta's manufacturing facilities. Not to mention, it has the longest lifespan of any other flooring option on the market.

If you have a large warehouse and need a strong durable floor done once and done right, our concrete polishing ride-on power trowel is the answer.
It can polish up to 10,000 feet per day - it gets the job done fast so you can continue with little downtime.

Industrial Polished Concrete Atlanta Georgia
Warehouse Polished Concrete Atlanta Georgia

How Khays Services Polish your Atlanta Concrete Floor

Almost any structurally sound concrete floor can be polished, no matter whether it's old or new. The only exception to this rule is for new concrete floors, where the floor should be in place for at least 28 days, to ensure the concrete has properly dried and there is no moisture trapped inside.

  1. We start by mechanically diamond grinding the concrete floor to remove all dirt, oil, grime, stains, and reveal the stones in the concrete.
  2. Then we repair any cracks and holes in the concrete.
  3. After the concrete slab is repaired and the stone exposed, we make many passes over the floor using a variety of diamond grits and our state of the art concrete grinders.
  4. We then fill up any remaining gaps and cracks with concrete grout, before finishing the first step with concrete hardener and allowing it to cure overnight.
  5. Once the concrete is cured, we move on to resin pads and begin polishing the floor to the desired level of sheen using a series of grits.
  6. The final step is to clean up, apply a stain guard and burnish the floor.

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