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Do you dream of having a polished concrete floor but your concrete slab is not suitable?
Khays Services has the solution for you! With its clean and rustic look, a grind and seal is becoming the preferred flooring choice for many industrial warehouses and commercial and residential properties in and around Atlanta.

We grind your slab with our concrete grinders until we remove all existing coatings, dirt, stains, and oils and expose some of the stones.. We then seal it with a penetrating clear sealer, to protect the floor from damage, stains, liquids, and salts. Concrete sealing has a similar look to polished concrete, but instead of the concrete being polished until it shines, grind and seal brings a darker, richer, and industrial look to your concrete.

Benefits Of Concrete Grind and Seal

Durable and Long Lasting

We use high-performance concrete sealers to ensure your floor can stand up to heavy traffic. Our sealers are resistant to stains, scratching, chipping and damage. As our sealers penetrate the concrete floor, they only wear away when the concrete surface wears off.


To increase safety in commercial and industrial settings, an anti-slip option can be incorporated into a grind and seal. This will reduce the risk of slip and fall incidents and increase the safety of your employees and customers.


Grind and seal Atlanta comes in matte, satin or gloss finish. If you don't want to keep the natural concrete look, you can choose from an array of different concrete dyes and stains to enhance the natural look of the concrete and match your interior.


Concrete sealing doesn't require as much floor preparation as polished concrete. Compared to polished concrete (which can reach up to a 3000 grit polish) a grind and seal is simply smoothing the floor and then sealing it. This removes the added cost of lengthy floor preparation. The upkeep of a grind and seal is less than polished concrete as you don’t need to buff it regularly.

Easy To Clean

With its non-porous smooth surface, liquids, dirt and allergens cannot soak into the floor. This makes a grind and seal floor extremely easy to clean - requiring only a damp mop.
Grind and seal is also resistant to marking from heavy equipment and oil stains, meaning less maintenance than other traditional floor types.

Chemical Resistant

Grind and seal flooring is resistant to a variety of chemicals, making it ideal for use in industrial settings in Atlanta.

How We Grind and Seal Your Atlanta Floor

Khays Services can grind and seal almost any structurally sound concrete slab. The only exception is for newly poured concrete, where the concrete must be at least 28 days old and fully dried and cured.

For concrete sealing, we start by mechanically diamond grinding the top layer of the concrete slab, until we remove all dirt, grime, and stains.

We then repair and fill in any cracks, holes, and hairlines. We finish off the concrete with a penetrating topcoat.

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