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Epoxy Flooring And Concrete Coating Supplies Store In Atlanta

A fully stocked assortment of concrete polishing supplies, epoxy floor coatings, and surface preparation tools is available from XPS XPRESS Atlanta. Save money on polyaspartic resin, epoxy resin, and flooring equipment you use daily at the job site!

Epoxy Resin In Atlanta For Flooring Contractors

Clear Epoxy Resin

Looking for where to buy garage floor epoxy?
XPS Clear Epoxy Coating System is a clear epoxy concrete coating system that works vigorously for concrete surfaces. This clear epoxy concrete coating system works as a commercial-grade resinous flooring that is easy to use and susceptible to reactions with harsh chemicals.

Polyaspartic Resin In Atlanta For Flooring Contractors

Rockhard Poly

According to commercial flooring experts, the best polyaspartic coating kit for use on the most demanding floors is Rockhard Poly. Useful for decorative floors like vinyl chips, colored quartz, or metallic surfaces as a base floor coating or polyaspartic topcoat.

Polyaspartic Flooring Resin Atlanta

Spartacote Flex SB

A two-part polyaspartic aliphatic polyurea coating called SPARTACOTE FLEX SB is fast-curing and can be used for decorative and protective purposes. Self-priming may be applied directly to various substrates including concrete, metal/steel and epoxy.

Epoxy Resin Color Pigments For Sale In Atlanta

Epoxy Pigments

Installing our assortment of epoxy color pigments is simple on various solid surfaces, such as concrete countertops and floors. We have Atlanta's widest range of solid colors and metallic epoxy pigments.

Polished Concrete Grout For Sale Atlanta

Surface Refinement Grout

Metzger McGuire Surface Refinement Grout (SRG) was developed to fill/repair concrete floor surface imperfections such as air holes, popouts, surface pitting, scratches, gouges, etc.
- Economical, hand mix formula.
- Yields a smoother, denser floor surface.
- Low viscosity allows for penetration into small surface pits.
- Rapid-set formulas allow for grinding as early as 1 hour after.

Concrete Dye For Polished Concrete In Atlanta

Ameripolish Colorsolve

Ameripolish ColorSolve is a solvent carrier designed and recommended for use with Ameripolish concrete dyes.

ColorSolve is simple to apply and virtually leaves no dye behind on the surface. In addition, the dye coverage rate can be extended using ColorSolve, boosting it to 1,000 square feet per gallon!

Concrete Surface Preparation Hand Grinder In Atlanta

7" Concrete Grinder

7" Surface preparation hand grinder for flooring contractors in Atlanta. The Surface Prep Kit Includes: Metabo 7" Angle Grinder, 7" Shroud with a vacuum adaptor and Loop handle to make hand grinding concrete easy and safe.

Walk Behind Floor Scrubber For Sale In Atlanta

Floor Scrubber

The battery-operated Genie Magic Floor Scrubber is a powerful, simple-to-use walk behind floor scrubber made for various cleaning tasks and facility sizes. It is generally used for cleaning the surface of floors.

Heavy Dusty Site Rubbish Bags In Atlanta

Heavy Duty Dust Bags

Husky Contractor Clean-Up Trash Bags, 42 Gallon.

Heavy-Duty: At 3 millimeters thick, the durable plastic allows you to stuff these bags full of most types of trash without worrying about rips and tears.

Capacity: 42 gallons (158 Litres) of capacity is more than enough for most daily cleanup tasks.

Swissmex Acetone Sprayer For Sale In Atlanta

Swissmex Acetone Sprayer

The best handheld tank sprayers for chemicals are Swissmex's acetone sprayers. These sprayers are made to give a steady spray for spraying dyes, sealers, and densifiers. For the smaller and larger sprayers, the flow rate (depending on tip size) will generate 5 and 10 gallons in around an hour.

Epoxy Store Near Me

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